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shfNaturally Ashlie has evolved over the past decade, originally starting out as Super Hardcore Fitness! Back then, while eating and lifestyle were addressed, they were not a main focus like they are today.
It became apparent fairly quickly that effective weight loss was found through more than just movement, and while exercise is an important factor, it is a small part of a much larger picture. It also became apparent that lasting  weight loss is only a byproduct of living a healthy lifestyle. So, as with life, Naturally Ashlie grew and evolved to become more effective. This also resulted in a larger success rate.

From the beginning, we have always believed that one size doesn’t fit all.

Revised purple-greenIn 2011, Super Hardcore Fitness became Naturally Ashlie. A company dedicated to helping others to live a more fulfilled life through creating shifts in the areas of eating, fitness, stress management, and living more naturally. Helping to achieve weight loss, life satisfaction, happiness, better health, more energy, and the list goes on. It’s amazing what happens when a healthy lifestyle is embraced, it affects every part of your life. Not just your waistline.

Living Naturally doesn’t mean denouncing all technology, going out to live in a hippy commune, or giving up all of your unhealthy ways. Living naturally is shifting toward a less toxic lifestyle in a way that is authentic and realistic for you.

In 2016, we realized that there was a lot going within Naturally Ashlie by ways of focus and offerings. As a way to embrace growth, Naturally Ashlie became a parent company and branched out into three divisions, Naturally Ashlie, Naturally Oiled, and Stress Free Naturally.

Naturally Oiled


Naturally Oiled is all about essential oils and one of our favorite wellness tools!

When we realized that we had a lot to share with you about essential oils but didn’t want to take away from the message and vision of Naturally Ashlie, we created Naturally Oiled. A place dedicated to giving you information and resourced about essential oils.

Essential oils can be used in all areas of wellness; mind, body, and spirit. While most people generally know at least a little about eating healthy and fitness. Many people have no idea what essential oils are or what a strong tool they can be in all areas of wellness. Plus there are a lot of people that have no idea how to use them.

You can find resources on how to use essential oils, information about them, and where to buy top quality essential oils. We also offer business resources for those who use essential oils in their wellness practices. Naturally Oiled is everything essential about essential oils!

Naturally Ashlie


Naturally Ashlie is still the core of it all. There are a variety of offerings in mind, body, and spiritual wellness.

Here you can find the Naturally Ashlie blog, numerous courses, programs, and resources; all designed to help you to meet all of your natural wellness goals.

The main focus of Naturally Ashlie started out in weight loss, but we found that aiming directly at weight loss isn’t very effect as there are many factors that play a part. Now Naturally Ashlie focuses on healthy, natural living through creating shifts throughout all areas of living. Weight loss is just one of the fantastic results. We offer guidance in clean eating, stress reduction, fitness, and natural living.

More so, Naturally Ashlie realizes that wellness is not one size fits all. Perfection is not expected. It’s about creating a realistic path to reach your goals and it can be done.

Whether it’s to browse the site’s offerings or to participate in our programs and courses, we are excited that you are here!

Stress Free Naturally


Stress Free Naturally is Naturally Ashlie’s podcast.

Here you will find an oasis from your crazy busy life. If you are someone who gives time to everyone except for yourself, this is for you. Stress Free Naturally offers short (15 minute or less) podcasts that focuses on stress reduction in all areas of life. We have new episodes every week with topics that range anywhere from financial stress to letting go of things outside of your control. Each episode using guided meditation to allow you to banish stress from your life.

Stress Free Naturally will allow you to find clarity, peace of mind, a new outlook, and lasting joy… and you can even listen as you wait to pick the kids up from school. (Just not while you are driving!)

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