Types of Essential Oil Lovers

My team is ALWAYS open to everyone, below you will find the various types of essential oil lovers. Browse through and take note of which type resonates with you. This won’t make a difference in your account at all, but it is important to me that you receive all the resources that best fit you. 

Set up a time to chat below and we can arrange a time to meet over the phone to get you set up and started, or if you absolutely can’t wait another minute to become a member of the team here are detailed instructions to join online!

There are Three Different Categories of Essential Oil Lovers,
Which One Are You?

Lifestyle Use of Essential Oils

  • You want to get the best price possible for your essential oils
  • You use essential oils personally and with your family in your own home
  • You are 100% satisfied with your current career and income
  • You have no desire to share oils with others and want to keep your oil habit personal
  • You want the deepest discount: 25% savings on everything you purchase—no minimums.
  • You want option to participate in a Rewards Program, earning free product
  • You want the option of being included in our Facebook forum for product questions, information, and support
  • You’d love access to a self-paced online essential oil training course
  • You want my comprehensive E-Guide to Essential Oils
  • You love the flexibility of being able to place orders through your account online
  • You want the option of a free wellness consult valued at $75 to determine which oils are best for you

Essential Oil Sharer

  • You love essential oils and use them daily
  • You want to share what you have found with your friends and family
  • You love social get-togethers
  • You enjoy helping people find tools to increase their longevity and vitality
  • You want to get your oils for free
  • You’d love to supplement your income for extra spending money
  • You have social influence
  • You get excited about the ability to earn free products and qualify for promotions
  • You want access to our private team Facebook page where you can ask questions and get support
  • You need step by step support in using the product and sharing the product
  • You want the option of hosting events (I even can come present at it)
  • You love the ability to earn commissions & bonuses if you choose

Essential Oil Business Builder

  • You love your essential oils and want to introduce others to the same amazing benefits
  • You want to replace or increase your current income
  • You want to help others to improve their life physically, emotionally, spiritually, and/or financially
  • You’d love to create a residual income
  • You enjoy working with other people
  • You are an entrepreneur
  • You want to make a positive impact in the world
  • You want guidance and mentorship every step of the way
  • You’d love the tools and promotional resources to get your business really rolling
  • You need the support of monthly team calls, weekly team calls, and one on one mentor calls
  • You love the idea of a free business website
  • You want the ease of online account management
  • You crave business training
  • You want to work with like-minded people as a team
  • I can personally come out, present at your event, and provide training to help get you started!

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